It was a couple of weeks ago now (time goes so fast!) but over the bank holiday weekend at the end of August we were blessed with a visit from Sandra and Peter, Stuart’s parents. We converted our lounge/dining room/library/music room into a lounge/dining room/library/music room/bedroom for the weekend and thoroughly enjoyed getting all our wedding china out for every meal.


We took a couple of days off work, too, which give us the opportunity to thoroughly enjoy ourselves tourist-style. Peter had never been to Brighton before, so  we had to show him the sights. Stuart and Peter, naturally, viewed the day through the lenses of their cameras, whilst Sandra and I viewed the day through the glass of shop windows. We visited the Laines, the pier, the coffee shops (well, we did have two Holloway men with us), the pavilion, the beach and more, in a whirlwind tour that left us all with aching feet.




The Saturday was one of heavy rain, despite Sandra having been assured of a heatwave, but we didn’t let that stop us and we headed to Lewes. I work in Lewes, so it was very strange going there on a Saturday and not rushing around for once. I normally hold tourists who walk three-abreast on the pavement and stop to gaze in every window with much distain, but for once I became one of them – and rather pleasant it was too.




We visited the castle, which I always see from my office window and yet have never been inside, we visited Anne of Cleeve’s house (which, in actual fact, she stayed there for a couple of nights one time), we had a cream tea and we perused the shops. Best of all, we got to dress up in all sorts of ridiculous outfits.




So, with much food, much frivolity and more Holloways than you can shake a stick at, we had a jolly lovely weekend, capped off with a trip to church where everybody immediately recognised Peter as Stuart’s dad (family likeness much?), followed by a sunny picnic at Sheffield Park Gardens, where my mum joined us with the world’s largest meringues – wonderful.