We’re back!

Hello! Long time, no see!
After a few comments recently from people saying they’ve missed reading our blog (and after my surprise that anyone read it!) we decided it’s time to resurrect stuartandkatie.co.uk – so here we are!
The blog was set up by Stuart’s dad, Peter, as a gift on our wedding day, and this Monday just gone, we just celebrated our second wedding anniversary! Two years on, though, not much has changed! We’ve learned to love each other better, we’ve perhaps grown a little fatter (just perhaps!) and we’ve had some fun along the way!

On Monday we took the day off work to go on an adventure for our wedding anniversary, so we took the train into London and did some proper tourism! We visited (deep breath) The National Gallery, Covent Garden, Borough Market, London Bridge, The Natural History Museum and went for dinner in a Lebanese restaurant. Phew!

At The National Gallery we made a beeline for the Impressionists (Stuart to Turner, me to Monet) and soaked that up for a while, then spent some nice time wandering around. Back to Borough Market, we had Ethiopian street food for lunch! Who knew that was even a thing? It turned out there are a lot of delicious ways to cook lentils!

After more wandering, we spent a good chunk of time at The Natural History Museum, which is one of my favourite places in London. Particularly exciting was the blue whale skeleton (naturally), and the narwhal horn (the unicorn of the sea). But we also spent a good 15-20 minutes watching an ant carry a piece of leaf across a stick (maybe you had to be there).

For dinner we ended up in a restaurant recommended by a friend, called Comptoir Libonaise, a Lebanese place in South Kensington (which turns out is actually a chain, though it certainly didn’t feel like one!) If you get the chance to go to one, do! The food was absolutely delicious, very unusual, and very reasonable too. With a nice atmosphere, and plenty of baklava, it’s a nice place to go with the family! Plug over! (I’m not on commission, I swear!)

Anyway, it’s nice to be back in the blogosphere – we’ll try and stick around for a while 🙂