Family, friends and food

imageWith another bank holiday (we love May!), when the recently expatriated (to Northern Ireland) Holloways (Peter, Sandra and Hannah) returned to Southport for the weekend, to see Alexandra and to catch up with friends, we thought we would cease the opportunity to see them all. It was a flying visit, but we managed to cram in lot!


With ice cream, BBQ, cafe lunch, McDonalds (not Stuart, obviously), and a fancy dinner cooked by Alexandra, it feels like all we’ve done the past couple of days is drive and eat! Which is a pretty good way to spend a bank holiday (except the driving part). We drove back early in the morning on Monday, and also took Tues (today) off as holiday to recuperate. Monday evening Stuartgot out the Wagamama cook book and made delicious chicken udon soup!




Continuing the foodie theme, today the two of us went on a lunch date to Zizzi (did you know you could trade £10 of Tesco club card vouchers for £40 of restaurant vouchers? Do it!) and spent the rest of the afternoon baking together. Very quaint. We made home made pop tarts! They haven’t been toaster tested yet, but straight from the oven they’re delicious!


Sheffield Park Gardens

Faced with a rather overcast May bank holiday, when neither of us were feeling too bright, we decided the best thing to do was go for a spot of fresh air – and what a colourful outing it turned out to be! Sheffield Park is very close to us and in the summer we have been known to visit practically fortnightly, for walks, picnics, ice creams or just to read our books in a pleasant setting.

Seeing as it was a fairly miserable day, we didn’t have high hopes for tons of beautiful scenery, but boy were we wrong! The gardens are different every time we visit, and we are always surprised by what we find there. The flowers were out in a riot of colour and Stuart, resident photographer, had a great time taking some close-up arty shots of various bits of bark and foliage and whatnot. But here are some snaps from my iPhone to tide you over until the Mr does some photo editing. 2015-05-04 15.04.15

2015-05-04 14.44.35

2015-05-04 14.44.15

2015-05-04 15.03.52

2015-05-04 14.47.18