It’s been too long since we last posted, for which I apologise. But here is a blog post so jam-packed full of goodness that you’ll be satisfied with Stuart-and-Katie-ness for days on end. Here is the post about perhaps our busiest weekend ever. Maybe even busier than the weekend of our wedding, after all, all we had to do on that weekend was get married.

Sometimes you show up to work on Monday morning more tired than when you left on Friday, and sometimes that’s because lots of fun has been had.


On Saturday Hannah, Stuart’s sister, came to stay with us, at the same time that my grandparents came over for lunch. It was very lovely to see them all, and I made a massive macaroni cheese and a slightly dodgy treacle sponge. Next followed tea and cake with some more friends, a failed BBQ with my dear friend Thomas, two church services, lunch out, nail painting, incessant chatter and more, all with Hannah in tow!


We’re pretty sure we must have exhausted her entirely, but she seemed to be enjoying herself, and sleeping on our sofa (maybe)! On Saturday afternoon we left Hannah chatting with some friends and went off ‘for a quick walk round the reservoir’ with Charlie, Nathan and more friends. Of course, the ‘quick walk’ turned into a rather epic adventure as we ended up in another village and had to get Graham to come and pick us up to drive us back to our cars!


My dad always says that no adventure is complete unless you get chased by a herd of cows, and although the closest I came to a cow this weekend was stepping in a cow pat, I think that even he would class this weekend as an adventure!

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  1. Great to hear – love the colour co-ordination between your top and Stuart’s socks in the first pic!

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