I know what you’re thinking – the fun never stops in the Holloway household! (Trust me – it does! And when it does stop, there always seems to be a lot of extra washing to do!) But I thought I’d share with you all (all two and a half of you reading this!) some of our holiday photos! I know, I know, nobody wants to look at other people’s holiday photos – but if you clicked here, then chances are, you do! I’ll try and make it fun, I promise. Maybe I’ll even throw in some jokes along the way as an incentive to keep scrolling!

We’ve just come back from four nights in the New Forest (wow, what jet setters – we travelled 94 miles! But with a car sick prone two-year-old and a car seat hating three-month-old, you’d cap your travel time at 2 hours too!) Here’s a related joke: What jam can’t you eat? A traffic jam! (or jam with bits in, as my cousin answered when he was five. He’s 23 now – I wonder if he remembers?)

We stayed in a caravan – but it was a posh caravan – with a hot tub! Yes! So naturally we took the kids running, jumping, climbing, swimming and discoing every day to wear them out so we could put them to bed and enjoy the bubbles on the deck without them – for 20 minutes, then we got too hot and ended up sitting inside and reading!

Hot tub!


The nightly kids’ discos were a particular highlight for Scarlett, who continually asked if it was her party, and “who’s birthday is it?” She loved spinning in circles, running around and dancing. Happily she didn’t seem to mind that there were only two other children at this ‘party’ and that there was no cake. Harvey absolutely loved his first time swimming, staring up at the trees moving in the breeze, and being fascinated by the disco lights – so the whole holiday was a hit all round!

Naturally, we had plenty of ice creams and picnics, and saw more than our fair share of New Forest ponies! (“Mummy, our holiday is covered in horses!”)

If you’ve never visited the New Forest, you can’t quite imagine just how brazen these horses are. But I suppose it’s fair enough – it was their land first! I was pleased that most of the area hasn’t changed much since my holidays there when I was little (and not so little!) We visited Moor’s Valley Country Park, which I loved when I was a child, and I was thrilled to see the wooden play trails are still there – if updated a little with Gruffalos and fancy play parks!

We had a really relaxing time and especially enjoyed not really having an agenda – just driving and seeing what we came across on the way. Which resulted in some river paddling (Scarlett was convinced she was going to catch a fish sooner or later) and stumbling upon the beautiful town of Lymington, where we enjoyed fish and chips watching the boats… and a herring gull snatched some of Scarlett’s fish out of her hand!



Here’s to our next holiday! Who knows, maybe next year we’ll break the 100mile barrier! (Sorry, after enticing you with jokes there was only one in there… turns out I don’t know that many, and even that was terrible!)