There was much fun in the sun this weekend, too, but with temperatures exceeding 30 degrees, I sought some solace inside in the ‘cool’ of our flat. Stuart dedicated himself to tidying the garden and plant some new herbs, and it’s looking rather lovely – hopefully he’ll blog about that shortly, and give you an update on the chillies which are, now, ginormous and fruitful!


Working on Making Jewellery magazine, I spend half my week staring at gorgeous jewellery designs and projects to make, and am always itching to have a go at making them. I took this weekend as my opportunity and got all my beads and bits out, and spent a good hour just having a rummage. I eventually got some beads and wire etc together that I thought would make a great necklace to go with my summer wardrobe.


I wrapped these beads in gold-plated wire and strung them up with some amber coloured glass beads to create something utterly shimmering! I also made some earrings and a bracelet, that I may well with you before too long too – with a safety pin borrowed from a friend! Also, if anybody is interested in a tutorial of how to make this, I am considering it! Here’s the result: