On the farm


This weekend was much more chilled out than the last, and on Saturday we went for a saunter to Middle Farm. We drove through gorgeous countryside to get there, the sun came out (a bit) and we had a singalong to the White Stripes.


At Middle Farm we had some lunch and browsed the gift shop and, most excitingly, went cider tasting! Naturally, I had to finish off all of Stuart’s samples once he’d had a sip, seeing as he was driving! Eventually we bought some cider called Wobbly Munk (yes, spelled like that, which did bother me, but not enough to stop me enjoying the cider entirely). We also bought some ale and wholegrain mustard-infused cheese -but more on that later.



After this, once the cider was safely in the fridge, we went out to Sheffield Park Gardens, and went the other side, for a walk among the fields of sheep. There are beautiful walks to be had there, and there is even a little woodland trail to explore, with all kinds of funky wood carvings and, of course, Stuart pretended that he was on the toilet.


Stuart asked me to mention the fact that for Sunday lunch he cooked steak and sweet potato chips, and that he made a sauce out of the fancy cheese that we’d bought on Saturday. I have to say, honestly, it was amazingly delicious. He gets many, many husband points for it!