Overseas visitors part 1


At the weekend we had some visitors come to stay from far, far away… all the way from Northern Ireland! Sandra and Peter (Stuart’s mum and dad for those out of the loop) came to stay for the weekend and we attempted to give them the best of Sussex life!

2015-07-11 19.20.22
There was a classic Saltworkz breakfast, there were ice cream milkshakes, there were walks, there were fluffy ducklings, there were unicorns, there was church, and there was a delicious meal at The Limes in Lindfield, one of our favourite restaurants (well, from the two times we have been there).

Had to share a photo of the fab PJs they gave me! (I do love unicorns…)
All in all we crammed an awful lot in to two days!

2015-07-10 23.19.04