This week, Stuart and I we helping out with the Holiday Bible Club at our church, which was Noah themed, and appropriately named Splashdown! The club was incredibly well organised, and running from Tuesday to Thursday, there were 82 kids signed up! With singing, teaching, sketches, games, craft and activites, there was a lot packed into each morning, and though we were finished by lunch time each day we were surprised out how tired we were!

Each day, naturally, required plenty of breakfast before starting…


And of course plenty of cake! (Disclaimer: the cake below I didn’t actually make for Holiday Bible Club, but to take to work before Easter!)


Stuart and I had the lovely task of helping outs the ‘junior helpers’, some older kids and teens who came along to help out. This was good as we are much more used to teenagers than young children! The team worked well together and we had the privilege of going through some extra teaching with them at the end, and answering their questions. We are thankful to God that the week was so well organised and carried out by lots of people at church, and for safety and protection the whole week. We trust that as his word went out it will not return to him empty! Also, kudos for getting the kids (some of them as young as four) singing a song with the word ‘iniquity’ in it! As for us… We need a long rest now! Good thing we have a four-day weekend!