Time Travel

Sunning ourselves on Brighton beach!

Cast your mind back to the week before last… yes, the heatwave! (Doesn’t it seem a long time ago now?) Suddenly in the middle of April it was like being catapulted into the height of summer! Which worked out rather nicely for us, as Scarlett was very grown up and went for her very first sleepover at Grandma and Grandad’s house!

Suddenly our firstborn didn’t seem so tiny any more… and she had the time of her life in the playhouse, in the garden and of course on the beach! So naturally, Stuart and I had to have a bit of fun also and enjoy those things that Scarlett finds boring (cue tantrum!)

So we strolled down to the station with Harvey in Scarlett’s old pram and suddenly were taken back in time to what it was like to just have one little baby. Why didn’t we realise at the time how EASY it is to only have one baby to look after? (Because it wasn’t easy, we were brand new at it!). We got to peruse the sights of Brighton and enjoy an ice cream on the beach without having to relingquish any of it to a toddler who just wants ‘a little taste’.

While the weather did some time travelling, so did we, with our reminiscing, and also realising how fast the time has gone too… and of course planning all the things we can do when they are both old enough for sleepovers!

Enjoying her play house at Grandma and Grandad’s

A glimpse into Scarlett’s future?